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    Sep 2017

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  • The Winner

    VR-Hoverboard Simulator with Multidirectional Windfeedback:

  • VirtualWeekend - what to do?

    The VirtualWeekend is the first VR-Hackathon in the beautiful city of Hamburg. We invite everyone who is interested in VR (and similar...) to participate in this awesome event. Programmers, designers, artists, producers, and much more will gather in order to create new ideas, real business solutions, and games using VR gadgets & software. The attendees are going to form teams in which they will solve pre-made problems or develop own ideas they pitch before to the crowd. We can help you out in finding ideas with real problems and cases collected by the #VRWEHH-crew and several companies which have interest in new and innovative tech. The cases are going to be public shortly before the event starts - means each participant has some preparation time in case he or she wants to...

    So if you think you can win this hackathon then don't hesitate and register now.

    VR-victory! What now champ?

    The winner team is going to get the victor's honor and the delicious tears of the loser teams ;) and in addition to that of course an epic award and a press feature! ...and maybe there might be a team who can continue working on their project even after the event if it's great and someone needs or wants it!? Let's see ;)

    If your're not yet fully convinced: everyone will also get loads of PIZZA and caffeine! So grab your ticket now and become a VR-Hacker @ #VRWEHH!

    ...getting to the point of bleeding edge VR

    The VirtualWeekend will take place from 23rd to 25th of October 2015 at the Absolute Software GmbH's head office downtown Hamburg. Food, drinks, and snacks and all other kind of stuff are plenty and included for all attendees. You can and should stay over night, so bring sleepingbags >>> it's going to be crunching time! :D We have a lot of VR-hardware, dev-kits, and geek toys of any kind which you can use during the hackathon. But also feel free to bring your own stuff.

    Stay tuned for more information. And check out our Facebook page and share it with all of your friends!

  • FYI: Suggested Cases in 2015

    (The cases we are supplying aren't mandatory, so feel free to extend, specify, mix or even create & suggest new cases this weekend)


    Motion Sickness

    Motion Sickness is the number one problem of VR. Anything that is able to minimize Motion Sickness in Virtual Reality applications is a huge step toward making VR accessible for a mainstream audience.

    VR-Locomotion (general)

    How to move in Virtual Reality is one of the most important problems VR has to face right now. How can we enhance existing controls or even create new forms of controls in VR?

    Interaction in Virtual Reality

    How to interact with items, your environment and other avatars has to be rethought completely in VR. So what are new methods of interacting with your virtual world?

    User Interfaces in Virtual Reality

    Like interaction, user interfaces have to be partially reinvented for VR. How can UI be integrated in a 3D stereoscopic environment?


    Social interaction has been changed drastically by the digital revolution. What are the possibilities to interact with other human beings in Virtual Reality?


    Olympia 2024 in HH

    How can we use VR in order to promote certain advertising campaigns. In this case we want to find possibilities to promote the Olympic Games in Hamburg.

    Spaces, Room and Areas in VR

    How to present buildings, places, and other social Rooms the best way in gaming and or for business reasons.

    VR-Locomotion (HTC-Vive Controllers)

    The movement of the HTC-Vive controllers during a typical running motion should be mapped to the speed of the users avatar in an virtual environment. However, the motion of the real world body should just take place in the upper body area. During the movement the user stands with his feet in one spot.

    VR Hoverboard

    A small installation, consisting of a skateboard deck, the inner tube of a wheelbarrow tire and a gyroscope (e.g. smartphone) should enable the player to move through the virtual environment by weight displacement.

    HTC-Vive 3D Object Viewer

    The task is to build a viewer for 3D-objects in Virtual Reality. With the controllers of the HTC-Vive the player should be able to zoom, rotate and interact with the 3D-objects. The player should also be able to manipulate the objects in their colors, materials and physical characteristics. The focus should be to create a polished user experience.

    Touching Virtual Walls

    How can we stop a player from touching through virtual walls? Using motion controllers, force feedback and visual feedback is an option we want to test out in this case.

    Phantom pain therapy

    Therapy is a field of use for Virtual Reality which is already being used. There are forms of therapy for arachnophobia for instance, but what can we do to improve phantom pain therapy with the help of VR.

    Rubber hand illusion

    In this specific case we want to rebuild the experiment Rubber hand illusion. (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_transfer_illusion)

    Mirrors in VR

    Looking at your mirror image in VR and seeing your virtual avatar moving in unison with your real body is a very interesting case we think may be worth trying out.

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